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Riverside Integrated Systems is one of the premier fire alarm contractors in the state of Michigan.  The product line that has won favor with Riverside Professionals is the UTC/EST Fire Alarm Panels and components.  Offered in a variety of configurations and styles, including conventional, addressable, and with voice evacuation, the EST line is the "top of the line" with a value only Riverside can deliver.

Here is a summary of our fire alarm offerings.  We'll soon expand our site to more specific fire product lines, so please check back!

Control Panels The "brains" of the fire alarm system, Riverside control panels come in all shapes and sizes for your particular application.  From a conventional "Fireshield" panel to the dual-styles of the QuickStart panel (conventional or addressable) to the higher end EST3, we customize our fire alarm panels to the needs of your facility meaning you only buy what you need at the time.  And, with most of the panels highly expandable (EST3 supporting 64 nodes, with each node capable of 10 data loops of 250 devices per data loop!) we can see that the fire alarm system keeps up with your needs, including networked systems up to 60 miles apart!.  Distributed technology allows our top fire alarm panel to survive expected and unexpected events, even allowing the system to isolate a short, without any loss of system functionality.

System Devices
Like panels, Riverside stocks and provides a number of varying types of fire alarm devices, including conventional detectors, along with the multi-sensor detection technology of the EST Signature Series devices.  These devices have microprocessor-based intelligence.  This technology allows the device to determine sensor states like clean vs. dirty, and adjust itself for environmental changes.  In short, Signature Series devices create a more reliable, "smarter" fire alarm system where decisions are made at the detector level, allowing the control panel to reserve processing power for other tasks.

 Pull Stations are probably the most recognizable system device.  They are the most visible part of most fire alarm systems and are seen in school hallways to hotel corridors.  The Riverside pull stations by UTC/EST come in a few styles with varied features.  Pull stations also have a Signature Series, and like the detectors mentioned above, they are micro-processor controlled.  This allows for self-diagnostics, automatic device mapping, and even stand-alone processing under certain conditions.

 Horns/Speakers & Strobes on a fire alarm system come in a variety of styles and with varying functionality.  From low profile ceiling mounted in a soothing neutral white color, to the traditional wall mounted red horns/speakers and strobes, Riverside has the products to aesthetically fit with your facility, while ensuring code compliance for notification and the safety of your building occupants.