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Riverside Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of services in the area of Fire, Security, and Communications systems.  Shortly we'll expand on those services in great detail in this section.

Briefly, our services include:

Engineering Our Engineering Team and other NICET certified staff provides consultation services to Engineering firms on Fire Alarm design and other life safety designs.  Our team is among the most talented in the state when it comes to life-safety code compliance issues. In fact two staff members hold level IV certifications Senior Engineering Technicians a certification held by only a select group of Engineering Professionals in the entire country.


Monitoring Professional Monitoring Services for Fire, Security, and Communications Systems.  Riverside Integrated Systems provides customers with professional 24 hour monitoring services for fire alarm and intrusion systems.  Our approach to this service results in a seamless administration process for our clients, while ensuring trained central station dispatchers are professionally dispatching quick and precise response to any alarm conditions at client facilities.

Maintenance Service & Maintenance of Fire, Security, and Communications systems.  Riverside Integrated Systems maintains a team of talented Service Professionals who provide routine and emergency services to clients statewide.  Our Service Professionals are among the most technically talented in the industry, attending formal training and certification programs on emerging technologies in their area of expertise on a regular basis.


Inspections State-Mandated Inspections of Fire, Security, and Communication Services.  Riverside Integrated Systems has a trained staff of Inspection Technicians who are proficient in the testing of fire alarm systems for all types of facilities.  Well-documented inspections satisfy state requirements, ensure a properly maintained system, and can result in insurance savings/benefits from client insurance carriers.


Keep an eye on this area of our site as it expands in the near future to include details on each of our many specialized services.