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Close to 30 years ago, Riverside owner and President, Tom Kramer, began working in the Fire Alarm Industry.

In the late '80's many West Michigan Fire Alarm businesses were having stability issues and were leaving the industry when competition strengthened or the economy weakened.


Tom saw the need for a client-focused Fire Alarm Company and formed Riverside Fire and Security, Inc. in 1990.


Under Tom's leadership the company has grown into one of the largest fire alarm contractors in Michigan.


During the last six years Riverside has increased our focus on the integration of protection and communication services provided to our clients.  This led to our name change in 2006 to Riverside Integrated Systems.


Also in 2006, we moved to a larger office and warehouse facility, as we now have a staff of over 50 trained professionals committed to quality work with a focus on customer needs and complete satisfaction.

Our three core areas are Fire, Security & Communications

Fire Riverside has been performing professional fire alarm and security consulting, engineering, and installations from the inception of the company.  Riverside was formed with an engineering focus, recognizing the need for consulting and engineering services in the fire alarm business-and growing the company with that focus has been a cornerstone of our growth. Riverside embraced the EST product line, the best in the industry, and quickly became a strategic partner with EST, winning Strategic Partner of the year for the entire US in 2004.  EST is now a division of UTC Fire & Security.


Security Riverside Integrated Systems has provided Security Services and Systems since 1990, and has increased the focus on those services since 2005.  We have rapidly become known as a major force among statewide security firms.  In fact, in 2009 we executed a strategic partnership agreement with UTC Fire & Security-a global powerhouse in the security space.  Engineering Card Access and CCTV solutions, including IP solutions, is a growing area of focus for the Riverside Engineering and Sales Consulting Team.


Communications Riverside Integrated Systems has been involved in the Nurse Call/Emergency Call business since 2000.  Dedicated corporate resources have built this segment of the business to include installing state-of-the-art nurse call solutions in 300 plus bed hospitals and major hospitals-such as Metro Health and Spectrum Health.  Our growth in this area has been recognized with the achievement of a Strategic Partnership agreement, which is in the process of turning the well known Dukane Nurse Call platform into what is now an Ascom Sound & Communications solution that has already resulted in the first VoIP Nurse Call System designed in the 21st century.