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Riverside Integrated Systems Security offerings encompass every aspect of protection, including CCTV, Card Access, and Intrusion Systems.  With varying levels of integration between those components and other systems we design and install, we are confident Riverside can provide you with the most robust system available at a great value.

Because we have so much to offer in the security area, we will be expanding this site to include more specific information soon.  For now, a summary of our security expertise and offerings is outlined here.

CCTV The greatest current area of security growth continues to be in the CCTV arena.  Changing technologies, greater reliability, and a changing culture have all contributed to this growth.  Riverside employs professionals who are factory trained in high-quality video systems and software.  Rarely today is a camera just connected to a monitor and observed by a facility security officer or receptionist.  Sophisticated software brings camera images to the PC screen and even allows for access over the internet.  And DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) have long since replaced VCR tapes and technology.  The new DVR technology allows capturing events and reviewing possible security breaches to be easier than ever before.

Card Access
Riverside often works with IT Professionals on Security Implementations.  Controlling facility acccess both internally and externally is a key role of a card access system.  With sophisticated software controls a facility card access system can be configured to shut down access instantly to a group of staff, or one individual (let's say a discharged employee) without worry about keys and copies, etc....  At the same time, the system can provide email alerts when a series of programmed events takes place, alerting management to a potential issue for review.  Integrating card access with camera technology and having the two systems work together helps to create a very secure facility. 

With our professional central station monitoring services and our talented Security technicians, Riverside is an easy choice for designing, installing, and monitoring, your intrusion system.  Our intrusion systems are in some of the most highly secure facilities in the state, protecting funds, products, and people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  From standard door and window sensors, motion detectors, and glass breaks, to more specific vault devices, panic switches, and wireless services, the Riverside Security team can provide you with the products you need.  A wide variety of keypads, partitioning programming, and user programming results in a system customized to work the way you think making ease of use the end result.

All of the systems above and many others can result in varying levels of integration.  Integration means helping these various CCTV, Card Access, and Intrusion Systems (along with Fire Alarm and Building Management Systems) to work in unison to keep an active, well-functioning facility, secure.  With software, and Integration design and programming, Riverside can bring together one PC screen of information that shows a card access breach, video of the event, and the photo of the staff member assigned the card.  This process can happen in a user-friendly visual and graphical manner that is customized to a client's request and needs.